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At Brandbergs we firmly believe that every company, organization and human should be able to reach his or her true potential. Even if that takes climbing a mountain. Our part is helping you reach your peak, and making that mountain seem more like a hill. 

We base our work on a think, solve, do kind of mentality. We believe that if you gather enough insights and really map out the problem at hand, it's easy to collaboratively find a solution and change behavior — internally and with your customers.

We have helped our clients with everything from 5 year strategic plans to full advertising concepts. We have experience from working in diverse industries such as FMCG, lottery and gambling, consumer electronics, fund managers and retail healthcare – in more than 10 different countries. Previous experiences include industries such as automotive, music, alcohol and farming. 

We want to help you create the map to your own success — therefore we provide guidance within strategycommunication and inspiration.

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We have a lot of experience within Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy and Brand Portfolio Strategy


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We develop Creative Concepts for your every need and desire. 



We hold lectures about brands and communication.

Brand travel and conferences